Agromillora Group

AGROMILLORA was established in 1986 in Subirats (Barcelona) for the purpose of supplying the agriculture sector with plant materials of the highest genetic and health quality. Since then we have continued to be faithful to the values of quality, ongoing improvement and innovation. Our extensive experience and high professionalism along with the most advanced technology and an international spirit have led us to become a reference in the nursery field throughout the world.

A world leader in the fruit and olive tree sectors, the AGROMILLORA commercial strategy is based on opening new markets with the creation of subsidiaries located in several countries in Europe (Spain), Asia (Turkey), the Americas (USA, Chile, Brazil and Argentina), Africa (Morocco, Tunisia) and in Australia.

Mapa de presencia mundial de Agromillora

Intense R+D, both in-house and in collaboration with specialized centers (public and private), has allowed us to obtain and disseminate improved genetic materials that are protected with international patents. The main areas of our R+D are:

  •  Improved genetics in rootstock and Prunus varieties.
  •  Improved genetics in olive tree varieties.
  •  Improved genetics in citrus rootstocks.

With cutting edge technology, production processes include in vitro multiplication, micrografting and growth under controlled conditions. We are constantly introducing improvements and innovations at our facilities and in our production systems as they are the pillars of large-scale, quality production.

AGROMILLORA certifies the genetic authenticity and health quality of its products.

We produce a wide range of continuously updated products, offering agroecological diversity and new developments.


Our products: