Industrial plum and peach trees


  • Fully mechanical pruning and thinning
  • Harvesting: grape harvester / 1 pass / a faster, cheaper solution
  • Increased fruit size (RP-20 & 40)
  • Maturity and harvesting up to one week earlier
  • Increased efficiency of phytosanitary treatments

Technical planting aspects

  • Density: 4 m. x 1.2 m.
  • Rootstock: ROOTPAC-20 (greater dwarfing)
  • Production structure: structure-free formation (no central axis)
  • Trellis: Only 1 wire 60 cm high
  • Lateral pruning and topping for the 1st and 2nd year of growth
  • Significant reduction in labor


  • Fully mechanical lateral pruning on both sides every 3 years

Mechanical harvesting with an over-the-row grape harvester. 

Mechanical thinning in peaches
SHD almonds mechanical harvest