First SHD almonds mechanical harvest

Thursday, 20 September, 2012

Agromillora recently organized the world’s first mechanical harvest of Super High Density (SHD) almonds at the experimental orchard of "Mas de Felis" in Catalonia, Spain.

The demonstration, which was witnessed by more than one hundred spectators, was a remarkable success. Jordi Mateu, General Manager of Agromillora Catalana, opened the demonstration explaining the main principles of the new SHD almond orchard system and emphasized the cost saving that resulted from completely mechanizing the field management of the orchard.  Following the introduction, the mechanical harvest demonstration took place with remarkable results. The harvester picked the orchard with a low percentage of nut drop and without damage to the trees.

Characteristics of the field:

  • Rootstocks: Rootpac-20 & Rootpac-40
  • The trees are 26 months old.
  • Density: 13ft x 3,5ft (Rootpac-20) & 13ft x 5ft (Rootpac-40)
  • Location: Mas d'en Felis, Granja d'escarp (Lleida) Spain.

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