Friday, 4 April, 2014

On April 11th will be celebrated in Seville a conference dedicated to the olive and almond trees mechanization. In the case of the olive grove we will see how the initial approaches to the shd system have been perfected obtaining the maximum efficiency with the total pruning mechanization. To talk about this issue, we will have Esther Arrebola and José Manuel Lacarte interventions together with Álvaro Olavarría, Manager of Oleoestepa, who will discuss the current situation of the oil sector.  In the almond tree case, we will verify how the demand has grown in the last few years and how new markets have been opened to this product as California or China. We will also talk about new high-density systems to get the maximum yield of the field. In this case we will enjoy the presence of Octavio Arquero, Francisco Morales and Manuel López, all knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

Find attach the program of the Conference.

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