Rootstock of new generation, for a more technified fruit growing through more intensive plantations, reducing the cost of production with remarkable quality of fruit and early harvest. Extremely well adapted to the most warm production conditions. Recommended for peach, nectarine and almond.

General Information

  • Species: Hybrid of peach x almond (Prunus dulcis x Prunus persica) x (Prunus dulcis x Prunus persica)
  • Origin: Rootstocks Breeding Program of Agromillora Catalana

Agronomic Traits

  • Vigor: Medium, approximately 25-30% less than GF-677, although with a very developed root system.
  • Compatibility: Good with varieties of peach, nectarine, almond and some varieties of Japanese plum.
  • Structure: Erect, like Garnem.
  • Productivity: Highly productive
  • Fruit size: 3 to 7 days of anticipated maturation depending on the variety. Produces fruit with good caliber.
  • Adaptability: It adapts very well to all climatologies, but particularly to warm conditions (low chilling areas).
  • Other characteristics: Green leaf rootstock. Rigid stem (early lignification) with little or zero branching at early stages of development. Easy to manage in nursery.

Resistances and / or tolerances

  • Asphyxia: More tolerant to asphyxia than the majority of peaches and hybrids of peach x almond.
  • Chlorosis: Moderately tolerant
  • Salinity: Moderately tolerant
  • Root-knot nematodes: Moderately resistant
  • Lesion nematodes: Susceptible
  • Agrobacterium tumefaciens: Sensitive
  • Armillaria mellea: In study
  • Rossellinia necatrix: In study

Register in the Community Plant Variety Office

  • Denomination: Nanopac 
  • Nº EXP. 2008/0618